We were going to go out to dinner tonight.

We stayed home instead.

We had a 1/2 chicken that we shared, carefully measuring our veggies and strawberries for a treat. It beat trying to figure menu calories and carbs when we go out and makes us go nuts.

So we turned it into date night and a movie. Not the most romantic of movies. We found “Skyscraper” on cable. With Neve Campbell and starring Dwayne Johnson, this was a movie that I never would have watched when I was younger.A massive skyscraper on fire? People, and focus on a family caught in violent circumstances? Shooting, terrorists, bombs,… not my cup of tea. I watched it with Jim and, with the wisdom of an almost sixty year old, I marveled on how they filmed it, stunt work, the complexity of the sets….in short, the movie didn’t bother me. When I realized it, I realized how funny it was to have ” wisdom for the ages”, as it were.

I would call it a perk.

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