Back in the Saddle

I had a job today.

I am a substitute teacher, majoring in grammar school….lol

It is a pleasure to be working with people who talk to you, are respectful of co-workers, and a school where children don’t have to be told to clean up after themselves.

The highlight today was a sixth grade English class. Students always try, in my experience, to get away with stuff, and this class was no exception. It only took one request and the class went to work. They had to write an essay on who they look up to.

Sure, some students weren’t too happy with the topic, and were going to put only one sentence on the paper. I reminded them that it was intended for completed essays to be collected and displayed in the hall. How embarrassing would it be to submit a one lined paper. In short, we exchanged ideas back and forth. By the end of the period, I collected fifteen completed essays, all completed.

Talk about a sense of accomplishment for the entire class, and also. I was thanked from the students for my instruction.

We had a good day.

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