Charles at 70

I am watching ” Charles at 70.”

The program, on PBS, I caught as a history major who always loved British history and British royalty. I have to admit I was always an admirer of Diana, Princess ofWales. I still find it hard to see Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, on screen as Charles’wife.

Oh well.

The documentary featured the Prince of Wales on his various engagements through the year that has past, as this November past was his 70th birthday…it followed him from islands in the far Pacific, Scotland for representing his principal charity, the Prince of Wales Trust, interviewing at his home regarding his stand on environmental issues and global warming, and finally at Buckingham Palace.

It’s a rarity to see royalty on PBS. The last show I caught was on the Queen’s crowns and jewels she wore at her coronation. After this show on Charles, I assume they’ll have more coming out for us.

I’ll be staying tuned.

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