Long Day

Today, I was due to be a floating substitute teacher. I was a little apprehensive, as my biggest nightmare, having to teach sixth grade math ,was looming on the sidelines. Haha!

I was going to work sixth grade, but as soon as they were going to give me the key to the room, in walks the teacher’s aide. The front office was still happy, though. They asked if I could work kindergarten, and, after a major internal sigh of relief, happily accepted the assignment.

I had worked kindergarten before, but this was the first time I taught the class alone. It was as fulfilling as this past Friday and my sixth grade English class. With the exception of one student, I have never had such good students for five year olds. They were, indeed, youngsters, but very well behaved. From first to eighth period, they were happily working their assignments.

Talk about feeling good about your work! I sure did.

We had a good day.

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