April-The Self-Distancing Continues….

What a bummer!

My husband just asked me if this Sunday is Easter Sunday. With all of the quarantine and self-distancing, it sure doesn’t feel like it. By now, I’d have bought my Easter plants by now, and made plans for Easter.

What a different day to face.

We actually are talking about a Zoom meeting with other family members over Easter Sunday. We aren’t kids. We are all over 60, so the mere concept of us all successfully being on for a Zoom meeting is hysterical.

I keep saying to Jim that it’s a new day. It is indeed going to be a new day where dealing with friends will be appreciated , and probably a lot of things in life will be handled differently.

A lot of people keep complaining about how things are right now. Sure, it’s rough not having money coming in, but guess what? Every day you have two feet on the floor you are ahead of the game. Tomorrow will take care of itself. You need to take care of yourself and stay healthy.

Happy Passover! Happy Easter!