One Shot, Two Shot

I hadn’t taken the time to write a post for a while, as I eventually was Quarantined/Covid beat. 

Oh, don’t get me wrong. 

We stayed in our bubble, we wore our masks, we used our hand sanitizer. There came the time, though, where I hit a brick wall. I had to pull myself together in order to just exist. Jim and I both got our shots, thanks to me getting crazy on vaccine

Now, it’s the summer season again coming up, but we both aren’t well. Sleep has been an issue and I think I can’t sleep at times because I know Jim needs to get some sleep. I am afraid of waking him up. When a partner/spouse has health issues, your mind never shuts off. Worry always takes you by the hand. I came to appreciate Jim even more during the time we quarantined. When health issues come up, I can’t fathom the idea of life without him. So I’m up and worrying, to make sure I don’t disturb his sleep.

We had Kasia as the third of our bubble, and I am sure she was with us to make sure we kept our sanity. I am so sure there were times she looked at the both of us and shook her head.

Now, I am back, trying to get back into life, wearing my mask when needed, and still taking precautions when needed. Like millions of other vaccinated Americans, I have stuck a big toe in the pool of life again, and if you’re fully vaccinated, why don’t you join me? The water is fine.


New Years is always the time of renewal. I can substantiate all the ways that people make some resolutions for the new year. I’d like to think of it is just an adjustment of lifestyle.

Pampered Chef’s Oatmeal Bars

I am really bad in Covid as far as eating a healthy breakfast. I mean I’m not working, but I still have a body to nourish. The recipe from Pampered Chef for oatmeal bars fits my bill. It is thanks to Pampered Chef that I really started feeling comfortable in the kitchen. Being married almost 18 and a half years, some of my older kitchen gear needs to be refreshed. It genuinely looks like it has seen better days…. so what to do? Why, turn it into a win-win situation!

My Kasia

Kasia, my inspiration to get out of bed every day for walking, is now 11 years old. She was a rescue pup. She is my bestie. Why not help a shelter via a Pampered Chef fundraiser?

New Life Animal Rescue is located in Marlton, New Jersey. It is a small rescue growing every day! It is a two women show, and they try to keep things going. I’ve seen cats, kittens, puppies, dogs and even guinea pigs find their forever home. New Life’s tag line they use sometimes is #hopeandhealing


If you’d like to join me, here’s the link to my party! Join a win-win self start for the new year. Remember, New Life Animal Rescue will benefit from your purchase!


Above is a picture of Kona, a sweetheart of a guy often featured on the group’s Facebook page. He is my personal buddy, as he loves car rides, especially when Kim goes to Dunkin’ Donuts drive thru!


Lacey is a chihuahua recently surrendered who is currently looking for a home.

Lenny-the Senior Sweetheart 💙

Lenny is the senior resident at New Life and is featured a ton as their mascot.

These ladies work hard to find homes for pups. As I have to cook and want to make the experience a good one, why not make it a win-win. Win personally in the kitchen to make work easier, and dare I even say it, fun? Stop looking and pots that are worn, spatulas that look like they’ve been through the war, or even slip part of my stimulus money on an air fryer! Update some of your worn out items and New Life Animal Rescue will benefit!

You have to eat!

So please join me at a Pampered Chef party to support New Life Animal Rescue. Plenty of winter left to be inside to cook and bake. Make it something that you will enjoy!

Looking Ahead

Tomorrow used to be the first day of winter according to old calendars. I got upset when they updated them so today is the first day of winter.

Why was I upset?

I was born on the first day of winter, at least as far as the old school is concerned.

Well, I always looked forward to my birthday because hey, Christmas was only 3 days away. It was almost like a “two-fer”

Regardless of the calendar used, I am putting another year behind me. The ones ahead aren’t as many as there once were. Paul Simon once wrote in a later stanza of “The Boxer” that “I’m older than I once was and younger than I’ll be.”

This year I am grateful I’ve managed to stay Covid free so far. It’s been a sad year with illness among friends and losing my mother-in-law to Covid.

I am prayerful and hopeful for my next year. I can’t wait to see what’s ahead.

Losing It

My last day in school this year was March 16th.That was back when I had a mind.

Eight months later, I think I’ve officially lost my mind.

I am looking for things in the house that I’ve put in a safe spot.At least, 8 months ago, I’ve had a safe spot. Now, all bets are off. I’m praying to St. Anthony,good Catholic I am, but I think St.Anthony is social distancing.

Kasia seems to shake her head as I walk around trying to make sense of life eight months in. As long as we keep walking, she says we’re good….

Maybe I’ll ask Santa to bring my mind back for Christmas. After all, Penn State beat Michigan in football today.

Miracles can happen.

Happy Anniversary

If you asked me 25 years ago if I’d be married, I’d ask you what you are smoking. Never saw myself getting married. EVER!

Jim and his mom

Jim came into my life in 1997 and things just never were the same. I mean that in the best way.

We cleaned up well on 8/31/2002, and this can be seen up here on our wedding picture with Zushie.

Jim, Zushie girl and Kasia

Our family grew over the past 18 years.We lost our Zush 3 years ago, but we got Kasia 11 years ago. We are all getting older, but at least we are still together.

I can think of no better spouse, Pandemic partner and best friend. Sure, we bicker once in a while, but there is no one I’d rather be on this journey called life with. I have been blessed with a terrific guy.

Kasia and I love you very much.❤️

9/11 and 18 Years Ago

I would be remiss if I made no post to make mention of the 9/11 anniversary. The National Geographic channel has been running a lot of programming, especially one I have mentioned on the blog before”. 9/10- the hours before.” If you have opportunity to catch it. It is extremely bittersweet knowing what we know is going to happen. If you miss it, you can also see it on You Tube. It is definitely worth catching.

Signing off on the eve of the 18th anniversary, thanking God for every day I have two feet on the ground and remembering ALL the poor souls of 9/11, especially those first responders who suffered long after the fact.


Like the giant eye in this sunflower, I have taken the past week or so to take time and watch and listen.

Sometimes I feel as though I take everything in, but when I do, I really don’t THINK about it.

Things happen. My neighbor’s husband died, and I knew him for 10 years. He passed at 98. Ninety eight. Pretty good shelf life, I would say. I made it a point to really listen to his wife, who I consider a good friend, and hear her grief. I tried to comfort her as best as I can and check in on her daily. Another friend fell and broke her ankle and had to have surgery. Again, when I go to see her, I make it a point to really dial in and take in what exactly she is telling me. I am due to go to the dietician today. I know when I go there I will be right with her, trying to work on a healthier life style so my shelf life will be decent. That means a lot to me, as this Saturday it’ll be twenty one years since my Dad passed away. He wanted desperately to see seventy seven. Why? Because his Dad lived to seventy six. Now, I am not setting parameters on my shelf life, but it’s that time of year when Dad’s passing has me so aware of time.

A good friend of mine commented on a Facebook post I made, lamenting the short season for hydrangeas in the heat of summer. He quoted that old song about for everything, turn, turn, turn, there is a season…..and it is so true.

I was on the Cape May Ferry this past weekend and in the elevator, a young blond headed girl was there with her sister and her mom. I walked into the elevator and that little face looked up at me, pointed a finger and announced,” I know you; you’re my teacher.” Needless to say the exchange made me feel good, or as Jim would say, I wore a major idiotic grin on my face. Maybe it’s the anticipation of a new school year that added to my recognition of the passage of time. I know poor Kasia will get the short straw when I go back, but thanks to paying better attention to my weight, I will be able to spend more time and walks with her when I get home. I’d like to think that I honor Zush’s memory by giving Kasia all the love she needs and then some.

Most importantly, it’ll be our seventeenth wedding anniversary coming up. It’s to the point where I can’t really remember my life before Jim entered it.

I am truly blessed.

“Train” Wreck

Having been a native of a metropolitan area on the east coast, I have brought something with me no matter where I go…chronic sinusitis.

There is nothing like trying to keep on with “training”, that is, going out in the mornings with Kasia for our walking. The only thing that really sours the experience? The fact that you are out in heat and 79% humidity feeling like your sinuses are on fire.

I should have realized, in fact, I did, that I felt pretty damn good for two thirds of my summer. Nothing like thinking of something to bring it to the front of your brain. My late mother and my husband, both, would hang this current bout of sinusitis on going into air-conditioning and then out into heat and back again. I don’t know the science of it, but pretty much feel that my body has gotten run down, despite eating better, and just needs to get back up to speed again.

Now, if I can get the humidity down to 60%, I’d be a happy gal.

Hydrangea Nut

Anyone who personally knows me knows of my love for hydrangea. I was truly sad when we moved from Wissahickon, because I left a hydrangea I had gotten back from 2005 St. Valentine’s day. Oh well.

The only trouble being here is the city of Cape May has a ton of beautiful hydrangea, as does the area where I am at. Everyone has awesome plants but me. Bugs constantly attack my bush. I spray the hydrangea with neem oil to try to get them off: with my cancer history, I really don’t want to go hard-core. If anyone has any clue as to what to do to get bugs from making holes on hydrangea leaves, please leave me a comment.