It is almost Easter.

Nothing for me to worry about, as there is no junk in our house to blow calories on. I have to admit that I would have paid a million dollars for a piece of my Mother’s babka and a cup of coffee this morning.No worries, though, just happy memories wistfully thinking about it.


I am traveling for Easter dinner.If you are making the holiday dinner, here’s hoping it comes out delicious. If you are traveling, stay safe.

Me? I’m just hoping to stay clear of the Easter basket.

Working the Weight.

I am slowly making my way down the food chain, and my body is happier with the slightly lighter load.

The one thing I miss is my Fitbit. I used to use a pedometer before Fitbit came out. I used mine until it died of natural causes. Now, my IPhone takes up the slack and, as long as I have my ballpark number in my head, it works for me.

There have been rough patches that just have been making me drool. For instance, that Geico commercial with the diner and lemon meringue pie?** sigh**….The fact that now everyone is promoting chicken and waffles? **sigh**

I have to listen to my body. It’s happy now.

I’d like to keep it that way, or even make it happier.