It’s that time of the year, albeit a bit later than usual. Thanksgiving is upon us once again.

I have come to grips with my late father’s view on why he always hated this time of year: the drop of the leaves and the bareness of the trees , in later years, reminded him off death. I understand that now.

I respected my father’s view, but at this point of my life, although I have experienced a lot of deaths, I have also chosen this time of the year to be thankful.

Another Thanksgiving means I am physically here, which is good. I have a husband and pup and family who love me and although we aren’t as young as we used to be, well, we are still here.

I am thankful to have found a second career in my lifetime , which I never though I would have the opportunity to do. They say that working with children is incredible, and I heartily agree. Although Jim and I don’t have any children, I am sure he feels like we do because of the stories I share with him when we are together. We chuckle and enjoy the antics. We have even met my students when we are out and about.

Kasia has taught me to persevere. We keep moving on together, through our aches and pains, and we take each day as it comes. There is a certain peace I get when I walk her, because I make it a point to observe what she is observing, although, agreed, I am at a little higher level. I try to appreciate every day with her.

Finally, I am thankful for you. Thanks for taking the time for reading my blog. Although I have not been writing on a daily basis, I am grateful for those of you who take the time to read my musings.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Want Exercise? Teach Pre-School

Instead of working my way up higher, I accepted an assignment to teach full day pre-school today. Long story short? My back is on a heating pad as I write this.

I was fortunate, as the children today, including two with autism, were really well behaved for pre-K. I walked my 10,000 steps today, most of it coming home from work. While in the classroom, I was basically on pint-sized level, commenting on coloring or other craft skill, reviewing printing, or reading stories: thus, the heating pad is on my back.

Lunchtime was good. I had a counted calorie lunch with cottage cheese and some raspberries and was comfortable, with no hunger pangs until my dinner time. The class had snack time, and for those who didn’t have a snack from home, they had the option of graham-crackers or goldfish crackers.

The work I do is so fulfilling. I am very glad I have the chance to do this now, at this point in my life. I just wish my body was in better shape. Hopefully, by slowly and safely losing this weight, I’ll be a little less achy after a good day in school.

Short Vacation


Above is a photo of a sunrise in the mountains of Carlisle,Pennsylvania.

This time last week we were spending a long weekend with our friends Juls and Tim, and their family.It was a full house.

It is trips like this that make me wish we lived closer together and not so far away.



We had fun with Juls and Tim.Her daughter and her children were there with us too. Of course, the horses and pony and cat and puppy and bunny were sweet too.

Miss them already.