Weight a Minute!


Between the exercise of walking Kasia further, school and counting carbs and calories, I am officially down 12 1/2 pounds.

Take the picture above. Where Jim and I go out for dinner on Thursday nights, they have introduced this roasted red beet salad which is delicious. Six months I wouldn’t have thought so. Incredible what accountability will do.

The dietician looked at me as though she didn’t think I would do as well as I did on the scale. Easy to do, when you are tired of lugging the extra inches on your body.Our appointment today gave us a few ideas on trying twists in the menu to keep us satisfied and keep up our good work.


So we are going to keep on keeping on. This appointment marked one month since the initial appointment with the dietician. I’m going to keep doing what has been working for me, and not kill myself, as I realize that an almost 60 year old body goes slowly in some areas. Fortunately, there is no race. My body is happy, and I intend to keep it that way!

The Week That Will Be…..

I took the picture in this blog while I was walking Kasia today. I was amazed at the amount of daffodils planted around here.

Kasia was happy today, as we did our usual route and will tomorrow , but the rest of the week, well, I know she won’t be happy. Mom won’t be here- I’ll be working.

It’s going to be the first time since we moved that we both will be working on the same days. I have to think of meals for us both. Since we are doing the calorie counting, it’s taking some thought into the meal preparation. Hopefully, they’ll come out well. I know Kasia will be happy Mom will be home to make her dinner. Now, if Jim’s dinners for work come out well, everyone will be happy.


We were going to go out to dinner tonight.

We stayed home instead.

We had a 1/2 chicken that we shared, carefully measuring our veggies and strawberries for a treat. It beat trying to figure menu calories and carbs when we go out and makes us go nuts.

So we turned it into date night and a movie. Not the most romantic of movies. We found “Skyscraper” on cable. With Neve Campbell and starring Dwayne Johnson, this was a movie that I never would have watched when I was younger.A massive skyscraper on fire? People, and focus on a family caught in violent circumstances? Shooting, terrorists, bombs,… not my cup of tea. I watched it with Jim and, with the wisdom of an almost sixty year old, I marveled on how they filmed it, stunt work, the complexity of the sets….in short, the movie didn’t bother me. When I realized it, I realized how funny it was to have ” wisdom for the ages”, as it were.

I would call it a perk.