Springtime Sunday

It is a gorgeous day today, and it is Easter Sunday to boot. Kasia and I have already had one longer walk and as soon as I post this, we’ll have walk number two.

Jim is already out, as he likes to do a really fast walk, and Kasia and I tend to move too slow for him. I am getting her out for the second walk because we have to go up and see Jim’s family that is ninety miles northwest of us. I want to get Kasia nice and tired out, and it will also benefit me, as I’d get the exercise too!

Enjoy the day and make the most of it.

Savor every moment!


There would have been a time I would have been in Wisconsin today. I would have joined my family for my niece Alexandra, or Alyx, as she liked to be called, and celebrated her birthday. Talk about fun times and an adorable girl.

When she was 18, unfortunately,we lost her to a mid-brain tumor. Now her birthdays are in heaven. My father joined her the following August, and my mom joined her in 2012. My Zush joined her in 2017.

I am at the age where I celebrate Alyx’s birth. I wished she were for her brother’s wedding, my wedding, and my nephew Matt’s wedding. I knew she was enjoying the seats in the skybox.

Happy 40th Alyx. Cioci misses you, but know you are up there with our family. Make sure Babci makes you a heavenly 1-2-3-4 cake.