Looking Ahead

Tomorrow used to be the first day of winter according to old calendars. I got upset when they updated them so today is the first day of winter.

Why was I upset?

I was born on the first day of winter, at least as far as the old school is concerned.

Well, I always looked forward to my birthday because hey, Christmas was only 3 days away. It was almost like a “two-fer”

Regardless of the calendar used, I am putting another year behind me. The ones ahead aren’t as many as there once were. Paul Simon once wrote in a later stanza of “The Boxer” that “I’m older than I once was and younger than I’ll be.”

This year I am grateful I’ve managed to stay Covid free so far. It’s been a sad year with illness among friends and losing my mother-in-law to Covid.

I am prayerful and hopeful for my next year. I can’t wait to see what’s ahead.

Wrapping up 2019

It’s been a while, but I figured I’d post to tie things up for 2019.

School, for the first semester, has been awesome. I actually wake up in the morning and look forward to what I’ll be experiencing during my day when I am in. There is never a dull moment, and being surrounded with wonderful co-workers in a supportive environment, I truly have never been happier.

My Kasia girl and I are enjoying our semester break, er, not so much. Jim and I have been pretty sick for a few weeks and are trying to get back up to speed. This sweet face looks at us and you know we need to get better for each other and for her. I have always tried to keep her content.

So with Jim, we had our seventeenth anniversary this year, and are trodding along toward number eighteen. It has been an experience, dealing with medical issues of late. As my buddy Bonnie says to me, “For better, for worse…” and indeed it is. We take care of each other as best as we can, because we have each other. Enough said!

Finally, I am beginning my sixth year of ” retirement”.

I am pleased to have ended one job, embarked on a part-time career, in an area with spectacular sunsets with my family that I love.

Who needs more than that?

I wish you, my friend, a wonderful and healthy 2020. Here’s wishing you smooth sailing and pleasurable days in the year to come.

Thanks for reading.