A bunch of thoughts

With. The weather going on in the west and Midwest, my prayers are going out to those in Colorado and Nebraska,as they seem to be worst hit. I am praying for Sue and Denny, her husband. They are in Colorado.

Here’s my new Cup I am rocking thanks to my bud Juls: waiting to get a talllskinny vanilla latte in there as a treat, again, with thanks to Juls.In the mean while, it’s pneumonia weather, as my mother would say. Beautiful today, downstorms tomorrow.At least for now the sun is out.

Short Vacation


Above is a photo of a sunrise in the mountains of Carlisle,Pennsylvania.

This time last week we were spending a long weekend with our friends Juls and Tim, and their family.It was a full house.

It is trips like this that make me wish we lived closer together and not so far away.



We had fun with Juls and Tim.Her daughter and her children were there with us too. Of course, the horses and pony and cat and puppy and bunny were sweet too.

Miss them already.