February is gone..

I can’t believe today is February 28th and that the month is gone.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of March-significant to me for two reasons. My first cancer was wrapped up, after chemotherapy and radiation with a total hysterectomy on March 1,1994. It’s always a spectacular milestone to pass.

Fast forward to March,2020, which marked my last days substitute teaching until it all shut down. I can’t believe it’s been a year.

Jim and I had some loss during Covid, the most important being my mother in law’s passing on December 1. January wasn’t kind:we got word our sweet Kasia has inoperable mast cell cancer. We are devistated over that news, and are determined to make each day the best for her.

I am praying that we all hang in for as long as possible. Perhaps spring can be kinder and gentler…..


End of February blues

Here’s a shot of Jim’s mom on our deck last summer. She is now 100 years old and currently in the hospital for observation. It’s sad ,because all she wants is to be home.

We have other neighbors going through things, too. Needless to say, my prayers are going on overtime.

Based on the numbers I’ve seen, spring should be around the corner. Here’s hoping some springtime sunshine will pick up a lot of spirits.