Hydrangea Envy

Hydrangea-my favorite

I have been nursing a hydrangea plant for the past three years.

It was a plant I got when my neighbor moved away and invited up to dig up the rest of her lawn.

My hydrangea is in our backyard, in full sun most of the day, and unfortunately, some damn bugs attack the green leaves every year. I have been spraying a natural cure on it and the leaves get a little less eaten every year. Hell, I almost fainted last year when I actually had two little flowers come up of the leaves. I will keep trying-hope springs eternal.

pink hydrangea

A bunch of thoughts

With. The weather going on in the west and Midwest, my prayers are going out to those in Colorado and Nebraska,as they seem to be worst hit. I am praying for Sue and Denny, her husband. They are in Colorado.

Here’s my new Cup I am rocking thanks to my bud Juls: waiting to get a talllskinny vanilla latte in there as a treat, again, with thanks to Juls.In the mean while, it’s pneumonia weather, as my mother would say. Beautiful today, downstorms tomorrow.At least for now the sun is out.