One of the perks of living here is the proximity to wildlife.

Sure, skunks are not fun. Kasia and I have experienced it. Funny that we always ( Kasia and Momma) seem to be de-skunking at 12 midnight.

The birds down here are marvelous. I have never seen the variety I see every day here. Sure there are seagulls, vultures, turkey vultures, bald eagles, robins, to say the least. The ones that have me chuckling the most are the two in the picture in this blog.

Mr. and Mrs. Mallard 🦆 have been down here every spring for the last few years. My neighbor across the street has a small pond in front of it. As we are down here living, I take a picture and send it to the property owner. Once I do that I ask him jokingly if he is collecting rent! The male and female are always together. Usually, in a bit of time, the proof of their affection can be seen, as the babies stroll around. It really is a heart-warming scene. The drake and mallard family seem always be happy, and as part of shore life, they pack up and fly away after vacation.

The ducks are the best of neighbors. It makes you thankful that the environment here enables them to nest for awhile. Their only problem?

……flying away with a pound of fudge and salt water taffy, as all vacationers take with them.

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